Introduction Session

To The Student of your own Life


Thank you for coming and Welcome to the next phase of your own LIFE.

You have done a brave thing! You have stepped from behind the road block , peeked out the closet, so to speak, to see what's out there that you had not faced before, that's holding you back. CONGRATULATIONS! that took courage, and put you back in the RACE! What race, you might be asking?

Well, the HUMAN race is not the dog race, nor the rat race, but the HUMAN RACE: where you belong, and now you are fit, for the race of LIFE. Always remember: this race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, but to him that can endure, unto to the end, and after having endured all, to stand, and reach for the prize(s) in Life, that you so richly deserve.

Create Your 'Bucket List', as it is called. You should have at least 10 items on it, before we meet again. Explore your entire life as it has gone, so far, to fill this list. Go deep into your memory banks, write those things down that you have always wanted to do, to be, things you have dreamed about, psychological and sensory tastes you have always wanted to experience, project the feelings that you would convey to the rest of humanity and your universe - your heart's desire!

In the future, I will send you only words of encouragement and links that can help you to succeed. It is all in you, you just don't know yet, how to bring it! Please review the LIFE COACH agreement, particularly the role you must play and the agreement you must keep, if you expect to continue with your own success.

Yes, this is work, but the most important work you can do, too, because it's all about work you undertake on you and for you. Plus, I've broken it all down to SIMPLE!

Here are the elements you have to work with:

  • 1. Mental -learning, consciousness, psychology,thoughts.
  • 2. Physical - weight, diet, overcoming handicaps, stamina, face, body.limbs.
  • 3. Emotional- balance, feelings, heartstrings.
  • 4. Spiritual-awareness, tuning into the GODforce, directional intent.


These Four elements that make up your life can develop , clean up, expand and flourish.
I can take you to the door, but you have to open it, you have to go thru the portal.

Remember the 7 senses you were given at birth, they are your portals.

  • 1. Seeing - visual and perception,the inner and outer eye.
  • 2. Hearing - inside and outside the body.
  • 3. Feeling -touching hearts, minds, souls, people and things.
  • 4. Taste -never underestimate the power of the tongue!.
  • 5. Smell - connects the memory, alerts for danger and love.
  • 6. Intuition -thought sending and receiving.
  • 7. Sense of: TIME; SPACE; EQUILIBRIUM; THE UNKNOWN- being in the zone.


Every individual is encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God through the pursuit of the knowledge of reality and the practice of grateful acknowledgement of our highest actions, as original acts of our Creator. All of our senses are used for learning, receptivity,and emissions. Choose thoughts and words carefully, our very well being depends upon it!

Remember, I'm in this with you. I need you to succeed, because your success will be mine, as well. I must take some people to a next plateau, and beyond, in order to move on, myself. I am giving my energy to this project and I anticipate receiving as much back as I am willing to give plus some! And with you there with me, it will double the returns, for both of us!
I can and will help you develop all your living elements, and heighten all your senses, so that they work for you, and so that you can begin to thrive, in the life you choose.

The first appointment in your Life Coach session with me will last 90 minutes.. Please email me quickly ,which day is best for you, and we can arrange time and place, that is best for us both. Online, I am also available, by appointment, via Skype as well. My screename is KatGrafix This next meeting will be quite different from our introduction meeting. FOCUS on you.You will do most of the talking, you will take the lead, you will tell me where we want to go in your life. Have your completed Bucket List with you. It will be the only opportunity in our session where I will encourage you to go forward or backward in Time. Mostly, your Life is about NOW, and that is where we want to stay.

Energy Vibrations: what we emit to the planet, our people, the Multi-verse. Ever wonder why so many people suffer on earth? The clue could be in the energy vibrations we emit. Take Money, (among other things),for example, and the energy people direct at it. To make it flow you need a constant vibratory level of 500 and above, on a vibratory scale of 0 - 1,000. On What variation of energy are you vibrating? More about this later. But not much later- stay tuned for my next communique!

Thanks for your kind attention,


  • Remember, the TIME is NOW!
  • Stay in the 24 hr zone where we presently live.
  • The past is history, the future, a mystery.