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Night Trip

SUPERFOODS:Food as Medicine: SuperFoods vs MegaDrugs ( SuperFood)

SuperMan, SuperRich, SuperFoods. With the increase in information the Internet affords, comes a need to upsize the intent of meaningful words. SuperMan has been around a while, Who truly is SuperRich might be debatable, but in a world of fancy cuisine and fast foods, SuperFoods have definitely grabbed the attention of a discerning diner. Traditional people across the planet have sought these foods for centuries for optimum health.Yes, the consumption of SuperFoods is safe and highly effective in fighting aging and illness, with no side effects. Can't say that for the MegaDrugs, can you?

SuperFoods go way beyond meeting basic nutritional needs, and should be seriously considered for everyone's diet. They are powerful enough to protect us from the risk of many chronic diseases, and change our mood to "better". Consumers need to learn how to distinguish them from regular food that contain fewer nutrients. They are definitely STARS in the nutritional world and are available right in your local supermaret. Continue...

What/Where Exactly is this DIGITAL DIVIDE?

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12 years later, it's still a well kept secret. For some , the situation is much worse because of their ignorance. If you don't work where you can access the high-speed Internet, can't get it at home,or school, you make up the population on the other side of the Divide. You are part of the large and growing group of people across the planet who don't have access to Goods and Services. Quite a rough circumstance to be in,don't you think?.

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Radiation Detox

Digital Divide

A Life Coach Online

African Diaspora

Desolate Children

Somebody said California was eventually gonna drop off into the Sea..... Do We need some EARTHQUAKE preparation advice?

California, where ALL the fruits and nuts are. Now wouldn't that be a shame!

Oh Dear, Do We need to Call Another Limo Company?

In the land of Stars, Cars, and all-night Bars, the chauffeur driven transportation method is a clearly defined statement about serious intent to make an impression. In Los Angeles, it’s all about Impressions. This place is largely a land of make-believe. You can invent just about anything about yourself, your background, etc, and very little is just as it appears here, anyway. In this city 85% of the registered voters were born someplace outside California. I know, I used to work in that office, where I got to look at everybody’s documents. The average resident moves every 5 yrs, and those are just the homeowners. Suffice to say, in a transient place such as this, your Transportaion unit says a LOT.

Friends can rent a huge party bus for much less than you might think per person. If one person can organize the party bus limit (typically 30 people) – it’s a great option for safety, convenience, and luxury.

No dealing with annoying rental cars or finding hotels in this strange city. With a group of 3-4 – the cost per person for a limo transfer can be minimal – yet a huge convenience. Stop by, pick up your mail after you land, then go find some area of town where you really want to stay, while here.

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