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The Inglewood Restaurant Reveiw

The Restaurant Review Site for the City of Inglewood,California. Reviews are posted by residents and visitors with taste. If you don't see it listed here,you might want to think TWICE before dining there.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Attack of the B-Rated Restaurants- Inglewood, California

Can we shop restaurants? Yes We can! I like to cruise by, on a hungry day, see what's out there. WHERE CAN I EAT, TODAY? Nothing is more disheartening to me than seeing a B rating on a window, where I might want to eat. PLEASE- this is my daily diet, I only want the A rated food establishments,IT MATTERS,especially when it comes to what's going in my belly.So, for the sake of the most discerning of pallets,can we ignore B-rated restaurants, until they can get uP-graded, PLEASE!

This BLOG is created to encourage anybody and everybody who has ever eaten in Inglewood, to critique the eateries within Inglewood, California. That includes the fast food chains and the fun food restaurants.

No two restaurants are the same, even within the same FAST FOOD chain. So FIRST, tell us the Restaurant name and address or intersection and Make sure you answer some of the questions below, when you write your review:

FAST FOOD- Did you drive-thru or go inside? Did you take out or eat in? Did they give you all the condiments you wanted? Did they even give you what you ordered? Did you get any extras? Was the food freshly made or stale? and finally, WHAT did you order, and does anybody do it better?

FUN FOOD- these restaurants come in 2 categories: established eateries and NEW restaurants. Always tell us what YOU ordered, but let us know something about the ambiance, the sounds and the smells, while you are at it. We want the address, or intersection, so we can locate that spot. What did you like or dislike Most about this place where you ate, and would you ever go there again?

This is your opportunity to REVIEW and RATE the places where you eat and give others the benefit of your unique pallette, and culinary tastes... GO FOR IT.


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