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Digital Divide: The Haves vs. The Have Nots

The Digital Divide, (see article) is a social issue referring to the differing amounts of available information that exists between those who have access to the Internet (especially broadband access) and those who do not have access. The term became popular among concerned parties, such as scholars,policy makers, and advocacy groups, in the late 1990s.Researchers report that disadvantage can take such forms as lower- performance computers, lower-quality or high price connections (i.e. narrowband or dialup connection), difficulty of obtaining technical assistance, and lower access to subscription-based contents..

There seems to be a correlation between the statistics of the global Digital Divide phenomenon and the corresponding ethnicities that reside within the US population. In other words, people of African descent and people of Central American or Carribean descent, who reside in the USA seem to have a similar lower access to Internet capacity as their counter parts in the originating countries. In spite of the fact that the USA has a high Internet capability, these two separate groups are not enjoying the accessibility as much as some other groups within the same nation.

Why is that? It could be that culturally, these disparate pockets of people do not know what they are missing, or have other concerns (financial) that override their interest or access to the Internet. Therefore, Internet access is mainly accomplished through their affiliation to academic facilities or through their work, where free time for surfing- the - net is not largely encouraged. The computer is either not available in the home,or, though available, is not connected to broadband access.

Yet, it has been determined that the access to broadband Internet and the access to information,goods and services across the planet have a very high correlation. It's a situation of the haves versus the have nots, once again. Similarly, most black and brown people who own businesses do not see or understand the importance of having a website for their businesses. Many think that they must have computer access to have a website. These types of concerns merely reflect the widespread ignorance within the black and brown communities of the importance of the Internet to their overall well being and business success.

AMERICAN POST BOX has built a bridge across the Digital Divide, for you. We offer a simple service to help you accomplish two major goals:

Unlike most companies who offer to do this service, our service is effective and customized to your business needs and interests. Plus, our price structure is very affordable. Most of the clients who come to us have already been robbed by offers made to them on late nite TV -get -rich -quick Infomercials that promise , if you come to their free presentation, to get you an e-commerce website (for a grossly inflated fee). Others have already paid in excess of $1500.00 for something that locked them into a contract paying monthly fees to keep a site going on the web. Still others have paid for a dot com address,only to find out it is not registered in their own name and they don't control it.

Right now, the Internet is the present day GOLD RUSH of the 21th Century. There is no one entity that governs it and all sorts of rip-off plans are there to separate you from your money are possible.The latest craze going around is to buy into a product or online franchise (travel agency, cosmetics, etc), and get an already built website for yourself: the latest version of multi-level marketing. What these companies don't tell you, is that you will never find your site listed in any search engine and the only people who will ever visit your site are those you personally direct there. That is NOT how the Web works!

Yet, it is still possible to amass a fortune, and many are doing it, from profiting off the Internet. We are here to help you do just that. If you already have a company or a service and don't have a website, we can help. OR, If you have an event you want publicized we can help. Here's how:

All our clients' websites are listed in Google , before we even finish building the site.We tell you this so that you know we mean business. All the dot com addresses we secure are registered in our client's name, unless they specify to the contrary. All the websites we build come up within 8 seconds, no waiting for sites to load, which drive potential viewers away.

American Post Box has been in business since 1979; we began building websites for our Private MailBox clients with home based businesses and non-profits in 2002. This is our first time advertising our service.We will give you an initial FREE consultation to determine how we can help you and offer advice as to the best way to secure your future on the 'Net. We do not take on every project brought to us,but we try to give everybody more that what they came with, because our objective is bridge the Digital Divide.

We offer the following services:

  1. Domain Name Search, Registration & Hosting
    ----We find a marketable dot com address for your website, register it in the name of your choice and secure hosting for one year at a time. This means you pay once a year to keep your site up, at a low rate. Once a year you will renew your dot com address and hosting- one low fee, no continual monthly charges.
  2. Web Page Building
    ---Most clients do not need more than one page , to establish that all important Web Presence.
    We build pages a la carte style, we charge by the web page,for a simple one time fee. We specialize in low -maintenance sites, that require little or no web administration.Once your page is complete, we do not continue to charge. If you just pay the yearly low renewal fee , your website can stay on the Net, forever. be continued...

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