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How To Apply For Private Mail Box Service ONLINE!

  • STEP 1: TWO Forms of Identification Required
  • In Order to apply for Private Mailbox Rental Service You Need two IDs, such as Driver’s License or State ID card, Passport, Alien Registration Card, ect. The Secondary Identification can be one of the following:
    • utilities bill in your name
    • health benefits, medical or insurance card
    • military or school ID, club ID, etc.

  • Below are two forms that must be downloaded, printed and filled out completely with your signature at bottom.
    You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the forms on your computer. Click to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader FREE online
    Download the 2 forms below:

  • STEP 3: Verification and Authentication of Steps 1 & 2
Your Online application, signature and ID must be verified by a Notary Public, Licensed by the local USA government in your State region, the US Consulate General or at the US Embassy, if you are in a foreign country. The Notary Signature and Seal must be stamped on all applications and IDs. Mail these documents to our office and we will open an account for you, with box-number. NOTE: to claim box contents you, or your authorized representative must show valid ID in person upon request.
If you have questions regarding opening a new account please feel free to
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