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Your Mail Security & Privacy Are Important To Us

When you use our popular Over-the-Counter Service, you have the maximum security we can provide, with your mailbox contents.However, to allow you more flexibility with your account you should:

  • Establish A Secret Password/Code

If you would like to use our CALL-IN Service to check your mail, or authorize somebody, not listed on your application paperwork,to pick up your mail, you need to choose a PASSWORD.
Your password must be on record in our files, you cannot choose one over the phone.
Your password/code will allow you to:

  • authorize, over the phone, a one-time pick up for somebody else to get your mail
  • arrange mail forwarding over the phone
  • phone in to see what's in your mailbox
  • check phone messages


  • choose a word, a concept, a number,phrase, etc.
  • it must be something you cannot forget easily

No Security Will Protect You From Unlawful Activity!

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