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At the present time AMERICAN POST BOX offers 3 types of Mail Receiving Service:

    the most popular service and the most economic

    convenient, not requiring personnel assistance

    volume mail and parcels, PLUS allows 3 -6 different names

Pay Your Bill Online

Serving the
Private Mailbox Community
since 1979

FREE BOX RENT for 3 months

if you open a new account paying for 6 months or more!
Use our Street address for your Web based, Start-up business, or Non-Profit
Receive letters and correspondence from any carrier including UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc. Forward Mail or Parcels anywhere.
Rates vary, depending upon how many months service you purchase as one time. The more months you purchase at once,
the lower the rate!

Get 1 month FREE BOX RENT
when you refer a new customer !

Coming Soon... 24 hr Access!

Use our CALL-IN Service to see WHAT’s In THE MAIL!
Order your new business cards, have them delivered within 24hrs

Call Us Toll-Free #1-866-220-5334

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