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USA Today reports that click fraud is becoming more prevalent these days as cybergangs increase the use of "infected PCs to divert advertising dollars into their hands."
According to the article, two separate estimates by Click Forensics and Anchor Intelligence reveal that in the first quarter of 2010 17 percent to 29 percent of clicks to online ads were fraudulent. The estimates represent a 15 percent to 25 percent increase from fourth quarter 2009.
"Most often, click fraud is the work of cybercriminals who put up websites carrying online ads and no other content," said USA Today.
"The criminals then retain the services of cybergangs in control of sprawling networks of infected PCs, called botnets, which are directed to repeatedly click on the ads. This triggers payments to the crooks who put up the Web page."
Pay per clicks indicates how many visitors are coming to your site.

Click-fraud scammers are responsible for stealing millions of dollars annually, making it an obvious concern for big search companies. For example, Google spokeswoman Rachel Nearnberg told USA Today that the search giant allows advertisers to check for patters of fraudulent clicks. The program allows advertisers to count the exact number of clicks that are filtered out on each ad campaign. Despite their efforts, the article suggests that stopping the criminal activity is difficult to do. According to the article, more often than not, "advertisers eat the losses."
can help you avoid such scams!

Contact us or see KAT. at the office.

WEB MARKETING results are measured in ONE significant way: How many new visitors access your site after you begin WEB MARKETING, versus how many visitors you had before  WEB MARKETING. We believe this is the only way your online presence can be measured. When the number of hits increase to your site, you will notice a disctinct correlation with the increase in your online site activity, increased interest in your business and a natural increase in your business profits. Its just a matter of Before/After. RESULTS SHOW!
You may purchase all or any part of our service, but for the best results, of course, the whole package gives the best results on your money and yields the highest return.Our 

 services are listed on the right:

This offer is subject to change without notice, so ACT NOW, while there is still the opportunity to take advantage of this GREAT OFFER. Remember, we will only accept a limited number of WEB MARKETING accounts, because your account needs to get the specialized attention it deserves to make your site one of the TOP SITES VIEWED in your area of specialization.


Site Host Placement Service: We constantly search the Web to find the most suitable Web hosting for your type of online business services, saving you hundreds of dollars per year, or month, off your existing rates.!  Our Site Hosting Placement Service is there to assist us with the eventual WEB MARKETING  of your site. Placement cost always involve one low flat yearly hosting fee, which is far less than you may be currently paying, per month.

SITE EVALUATION: We will look at your whole site, study its components and return a complete evaluation about its strengths and weaknesses, giving you an opportunity to make changes that could:
1.Decrease operating cost for site maintenance-->Make sure your site operation expense provides you with worthwhile returns!
2.Optimize sales conversion, when the increased traffic arrives to view your site.

After all, we can bring you the webtraffic, but your site content and site expense will determine whether a potential customer wants to buy your service, thus making your site expense pay for itself and bring you profit!  Make sure you are not running potential customers away with content, or find out what subtle changes you can do to make a site visitor want to continue viewing your site and buy your service.

SITE DRIVE: Just what we say, we do! WE DRIVE TRAFFIC TO YOUR SITE, with online advertisements, banner ad creation, banner exchange, search engine submission to all the relevant search engines, web ads, online classifieds ads, and bulletin board notices. Based on your type of business, we can target the specific traffic you want to your site.

WEB STATISTICS: Based on your own web counter we will present you with monthly or quarterly increased traffic statistics. Depending on the type of counter you choose we can tell you where your traffic comes from, what pages offer the highest hits, what time of day and day of week gets the most traffic. This is just some of the information we can provide you. Your Web statistics will allow you to see how much increased traffic we can provide!

Below is a list of itemized price selections for our services:
SITE HOSTING- $50.-$250. per year. We select a host that suits your Website content and maximizes our Web Marketing efforts; for e-commerce sites, this could include a catalog and online payments options.

SITE EVALUATION: $50.00 - a one time fee for this written report,which you can receive every month , as your site content changes


SITE DRIVE: a process which includes several actions in your behalf
  1. search engine submission: $150. 6 months
there are over 8,000 search engines, once a week submission
2. Web ads- $20.00 per month
several classified ads placed in the numerous Internet publications, visited by thousands of visitors each week
3. Banner ads creation $10.- $25.00 each- design and layout for a variety of banner ads with correct size specifications, apporpriate for ad placement on the 'Net.
4. Banner ad exchanges- after we create your unique banner ads, we place them on other websites appropriate for your product/service, for specified time lengths.

Web Statistics and Analysis: FREE statistics, which you can view anytime, once we set up Web Marketing  for you. Analysis costs vary depending on what type of Web Statistics we gather for you. Price ranges:
$25.-75.- per quarter
$10.-30 per month.
$5.-10. per week.

This complete 

 package is valued up to $400.00!
American Post Box is prepared to offer you a special Introductory offer which will give you the full scope of our capabilities to increase traffic to your site for only $150. and BEGIN IMMEDIATELY to drive traffic to your site NOW! If you do not see a marked increase in traffic to your site within the allotted timeframe, we will give you WEBMARKETING for another 6 months FREE!

We are confident in your satisfaction because we are willing to invest our time in making your site known on the 'Net! For 6 months=$150.00, you can get WEB MARKETING Phase 1  Site evaluation: a monthly report for changing sites. Web advice on how to maximize site space to increase sales and promote return traffic.
Site drive: includes: engine submission
2.the creation of 10 banner ads, in a variety of sizes, which are yours, whether you continue to market with us or not.
Banner Ad Placement
Ad placements in internet directories, Classifieds, and Web Rings and/or Banner Ad exchanges. We do all it takes to get your site seen, driving traffic to your site!

Web statistics: watch the visitor count tally increase! We will provide an analysis on a monthly basis for your web statistics, so you can properly evaluate how much this service is helping you increase traffic to your site.

AFTER the first 6 months you can continue with WEB MARKETING for only $15.00 per month for the next 6 months. After the first year, the next year of web marketing will be only $120. per year. So, you see, as your profits increase, it gets easier as it goes, and more economical as time progresses, all the while.

Click here to send me a message. The address is I hope you take advantage of this offer.I'm sure our service is something that will help your business endeavors online
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